Voces Thules in Siglufjörður at last…

From Siglufjörður - The manager of VT,Arngerður Árnadóttir, on stage, playing.It was about time Voces Thules participated in the Folk Music Festival in Siglufjörður in the Nort part of Iceland.  The festival was on for the 12th time this summer and was a big success. Voces Thules performed in a part of the Museum in Siglufjörður called The Boat House and the stage was an old fishing boat from the time when Siglufjörður was the most important Herring-harbour in Iceland and probably in the whole world. The audience filled the Boat house, sitting on the piers. The title of the festival was “Let there be danced” so Voces Thules dedicated a part of the program to the old, Icelandic dance songs, Vikivaki, in addition to a traditional Icelandic medieval Music.

Here you can see (in Icelandic, sorry) brief critics about the Concert.  Mr. Jónas Sen, who wrote the article in Fréttablaðið, stated that the concert was unique and entertaining. The instruments used were miscellaneous and so was the music. It was like being brought back in time to listen to this music. This concert was in a nutshell what you expect from a festival like this. The arrangements where exciting.  Also he mentioned that the audience was given insight to the music of Iceland in the middle age.

Thingvellir Church Concert

Voces Thules gave a Church concert in Thingvellir-church July 5th 2011. The Concert was a part of a program “Tuesdays in Thingvellir – Church” which has become quite popular.  Every seat in the Church was taken and outside the Church some 40-50 attendees who did not manage to get one of the  50 seats available in the Church, enjoyed the Concert outdoors.  The management of Voces Thules took a brave decision and moved the second half of the concert outdoors. Visitors in Thingvellir (Thingvellir), which where many this beautiful summer evening, did get an extra bit of Icelandic culture visiting Thingvellir this Tuesday-evening in the Midnight sun.

Stefánshellir, Voces Thules and IsNord

You sometimes find yourself performing in not so traditional places and that happened June 12th when Voces Thules gave a concert in Stefánshellir, a large cave in the Hallmundarhraun. The concert was a part of the IsNord-music festival.
Frá Stefánshelli, námuljósin komu sér vel til að sjá á nóturnar

Voces Thules visits Sevilla

Voces Thules constructed a workshop and a lecture on the “The international conference for the European Association of Dance Historians” in Sevilla, Spain on the 23rd – 25th of September 2010. All participants were students of Conservatorio de danza and representatives from many European countries on the Confrence. Voces Thules topics were from the studies of Sigríður Valgeirsdóttir with help of Darrens Royston, a specialist of dance, that has thoroughly looked into her studies.

The group then performed on a concert in the agent town Carmona in cooperation with the town´s cultural offices.

Voces Thules new guardians of a Hurdy Gurdy instrument

Voches Thules have been experimenting with a musical instrument that has recently been renovated owned by the National Broadcasting Service (RUV). This instrument, a 18th century Hurdy Gurdy, as seen in the hands of Sigurður Halldórsson, is a masterpiece wherever you look at it. By allowing Voces Thules to use it the Instrument has now an important role since Voces Thules are now investigating and analyzing the old dances and folk dances that are known from the late Middle Ages in Iceland wherein instruments similar til Hurdy Gurdy where used.

This instrument has been within the National Radio for a long time and there are not many sources on why and how it came into the possession of the organization. It is known that it was built in the year 1863 in France.

It was the head of the division of Classical Music, Mr. Bjarni Rúnar Bjarnason, that had the infinity of rebuilding the instrument. He then arranged things so that this “national treasure” can now be used in the research work of Voces Thules.

You can listen to a short interview from May 31. 2010 on the radio program Víðsjá on RÚV and hear this instrument as it sounded on rehearsal that same day.

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