Skriðuklaustur. Voces Thules perform in the ruins of Skriðuklaustur-monastery

Voces Thules did perform at the festival Ormsteiti in Skriðuklaustur, East Iceland on Sunday 21st of August. It was quite spectacular for the group to sing in the ruins of the monastery in Skriðuklaustur during a service. Voces Thules does not know for sure how long time there has passed since someone did sing Icelandic medieval Church music in that place in a ceremony.  It could be for the first time in more than 500 years. Who knows? The Monastery was closed down in the year 1552 when Icelanders changed their religion from Catholicism to Lutheran.

The picture shows Lára G. Oddsdóttir, pastor in Valþjófsstaður and David Tencer in the order of Kapúsína-monks in Iceland and Voces Thules in the ruinsog the Skriðuklaustur- monastery.

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