Rákumst á þetta á veraldarvefnum góða



The Listen Project

Voces Thules participated in “The Listen Project” directed by Doctor Garry (Twin Planet Communications, Inc.)

The official trailer can be seen here: http://the-listen-project.com/episodes/item/276-episode-19-verse

In Harlem (Koorbiënale), The Neatherlands 2013




From their first days Voces Thules has had the privilege to be invited to different Music Festivals, usually dedicated to early music.

Here are some pictures from one of the concerts in De Waalse Kerk ar the Internationale Koorbiënnale in Harlem in The Netherlands in June 2013.





Concert in Iðnó Theatre, Sunday October 16th (20 hrs)

October 16th 2011  Voces Thules will give concert in Iðnó Theatre in Reykjavik. The concert will start at 20hrs. Tickets will be available in Iðnó at the entrance before the Concert but can also be bought in forehand (contact Iðnó, tel. tel 562 9200.).